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The Protheoria of the Typikon of the Great Church of Christ, edited by the Protopsaltes Georgios Biolakes

This is a translation of the Protheoria found in the Typikon edited by the Protopsaltes of the Great Church, Georgios Biolakes and published in 1888. I know of no other English translation of this text. This is the basic introduction to the elements which make up the services of the Ninth Hour, Vespers, Midnight, and Orthros services, as well as the variable elements in the daily and Sunday Divine Liturgy. This is the order of service still used by the Churches of the Œcumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, Greece and Bulgaria; this order of service has also influenced the practice in the Churches of Romania and Serbia.

Table of Contents

  1. The Ninth Hour and the Vespers
  2. The Mesonyktikon and the Orthros
  3. The Divine Liturgy
  4. The Daily Diataxis of Divine Service
  5. The Sunday Diataxis of Divine Service

ISSN: 1941-7616   Copyright © 2008, Konstantinos Terzopoulos.

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